Masami Middleton

As a Principal Consultant with Symmetrics Group, Masami brings the customer focus and execution of a Marketing VP and the critical, data-driven orientation of a seasoned strategist. Since 1991, Masami has served as a strategy consultant and marketer in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Atlanta with companies such as Accenture, eBay, Best Buy, Chevron, Pioneer Electronics, Muzak, Novell, and Nissan.

Common themes that span Masami’s career include segmentation and prioritization of highest value customers, multi-channel marketing across the buyer’s journey, and creating business cases for new market opportunities. For example, Masami helped a specialty retailer uncover a $70 million annual revenue opportunity in a threatened category. Additionally, she led a B2B software company in launching and rapidly acquiring 4,000 customers. Masami has completed numerous market assessments and defined go-to-market strategies to help established companies extend their reach into new or adjacent markets.

Whether it’s helping sales and marketing teams collaborate to better serve their current market — or pivot to serve a new one — Masami’s blend of vision and experience helps clients validate opportunities and create practical roadmaps to exploit them.

Focus Areas:

  • Sales and Marketing Integration
  • Sales / Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales Development
  • Sales Leader Development

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Masami Middleton

“The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective ― people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.”

-Deepak Chopra