Transforming Sales in a Global Investment Management Firm

Business Challenge

This leading Financial Services Company needed a new Sales System to enable it to move down market to target small business retirement plans. Concurrently, the company was changing its sales strategy to focus on selling through Advisors rather than directly to Plan Sponsors. These fundamental shifts required a sales transformation, with an increased emphasis on the ability for sellers to hunt in the small business segment.

Transforming Sales Global Investment Firm

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group conducted an assessment of the Sales organization and developed a series of recommendations to support the acceleration of the company’s new Go-to-Market strategy. In addition, we were selected to drive the design, development, and execution of each of these Sales Transformation elements, including:

  • Design, development, and implementation of a customer-aligned Sales Process that complemented the broader organization’s sales initiatives and offered better visibility of opportunities throughout all stages of the funnel. Deliverables included a custom Sales Process featuring key activities and customer evidence within each stage, updated Sales tools to help sellers increase the number of deals in their funnel and increase deal win rate, and a 2-day hands-on workshop to teach sellers how to leverage the new Sales
    Process and tools in their daily activities.
  • Development of a cross-division, internal Lead Management Process to encourage the sharing of more leads internally and also to enhance the tracking and analytical capabilities to better understand the volume and win rate of internally referred leads. This process was designed to ensure smooth handoffs and consistent communications, as well as provide more intelligence around the most profitable and effective lead generation sources.
  • Delivery of a 2-day Territory Management workshop to help sellers focus efforts and activities on high-potential Current and Qualified Advisors. Following the workshop, each seller shared his/her 6-month Territory Plan with division leadership, providing gap-to-goal strategies and tactics for achieving quota.
  • A Sales Management Framework and Cadence/Coaching playbook for key sales activities aligned to the new Sales Process suited to the current and future state organization. Symmetrics Group provided weekly coaching and guidance to the Sales leaders, ensuring an increase focused on sales goal shortfall and activities necessary to close the gap.
  • Alignment of Marketing initiatives to Sales priorities, including collaborative prioritization workshops to determine the scope and level of effort necessary to provide sellers with Sales Process-aligned tools to drive more sales volume and higher win rates.
  • Development of interim and longer-term Performance Management KPIs (both backward and forward-looking) that would be used to monitor the organization’s sales health and identify potential issues early in the sales process. Effort also included the development of a Seller’s Dashboard and an Executive Dashboard to report out division sales health to key stakeholders. In addition, we defined a set of requirements for use in the subsequent migration from their current CRM to


At the time of writing, the Sales Transformation was only recently implemented. Leading indicators of sales growth, such as the number of Advisor meetings and number of Advisor opportunities, have increased substantially.


Our client is a global investment management firm dedicated to helping clients achieve their long-term investment goals. Desiring the ability to move down market (in institutional retirement services) and knowing leadership must equip its sales force with to hunt for new business in new segments, this company realized it needed to transform their sales system.They hired Symmetrics Group to lead the effort.


Erica Abt – Erica is a seasoned project manager at Symmetrics Group who brought her expertise addressing fundamental sales strategy, process, and capability issues with sales leaders and their teams. Erica has managed numerous engagements of this nature in the Asset Management industry.

Erica Abt
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