Strategic Account Planning for Common Customers of Merged Sales Teams

Business Challenge

The top 100 common customers represented more than $1B in annual revenue with a targeted growth rate of 10%. Growing the business across these customers required:

  • Integrating sales efforts and increasing team collaboration
  • Bringing the best value propositions to the very best clients
  • Taking share from the competition, while defending current revenue
  • Leveraging collective customer relationships and expertise
  • Expanding the distribution model & capacity

The objective was to bring the two account teams together (many for the first time) to develop an overall account strategy and value proposition, as well as a supporting account plans and action items.

Strategic account planning for common customers

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group developed and executed a 6-month approach to facilitate growing business across the top 100 common customers. This approach included:

  • Working with sales operations to finalize the account list and criteria for inclusion in the top 100 account program
  • Developing an overall account planning process along with the tools and templates to be used before, during, and after the top 100 planning sessions
  • Distributing pre-work to the teams (account profiles) and facilitating prep calls with account leaders to ensure productive account planning sessions
  • Facilitating 100 one-day account strategy sessions over the course of 6 months
  • Participating in account debrief and overall program cadence calls with sales leadership to monitor results and provide account and customer-level feedback to management


In first three months of the Top 100 account planning, our client closed $6m and created $70m in additional opportunities (with a goal of $80m in incremental growth). Symmetrics Group has since trained 5 internal client resources to continue with ongoing account planning sessions and reviews.


Our client, a $1B provider of enterprise hosting and managed services was acquired by a $20B global enterprise communications firm. After the acquisition, sales leadership sought to grow their business across their top 100 common customers.


Hope Eyre – Hope is a sales effectiveness expert who regularly works side by side with clients to transform their sales organizations and has helped numerous complex organizations rethink the way they serve their largest accounts.

Sales Consulting Case Study

This engagement demonstrates our philosophy that we can drive the best results by not only defining a new approach and supporting process, but coaching in lockstep with sales teams to implement them.

Consultant Perspective 

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