Standardizing the Sales Funnel Process across 50+ Operating Companies

Business Challenge

The disparate sales processes, sales stages, metrics, and CRM systems across operating companies exacerbated the inconsistent approach to funnel management. Win rates were not up to par, and teams were pursuing sales opportunities that they shouldn’t, diminishing trust in the sales funnel. The client wanted a standardized approach to funnel management and account activities that could be replicated across all operating companies. There was also a significant focus on improving sales productivity and making more efficient and effective use of sellers’ time.

Standardizing the sales funnel process

Symmetrics Group Approach

To address our client’s needs, Symmetrics Group did the following:

  • Baselined the current state by assessing the funnel management maturity and performance at 10+ operating companies
  • Helped design Kaizen (continuous improvement) sessions around funnel management, account planning, and sales productivity that the client could pilot with select operating companies
  • Created standard sales processes that the client could replicate across different operating companies
  • Developed supporting content and tools for each of the operating companies to tailor to their respective businesses (e.g., sales process maps, cadence, account plans, opportunity plans, relationship maps, funnel assessment, etc.).


The client has run numerous Kaizen sessions to date, with terrific feedback from the participants and leadership. Key metrics, such as win rate, are expected to increase with the newly established, ongoing monitoring of the funnel. Based on the results of the first project, we have worked with the client on subsequent sales effectiveness initiatives.


Our client is an industrial conglomerate that designs, manufactures, and markets professional, medical, industrial, and commercial products and services worldwide. With more than 50 global operating companies across five segments, sales leadership was concerned that many of the companies in the portfolio had no consistent process for establishing and managing their sales funnels.


Erica Abt – Erica is a senior consultant with Symmetrics Group and has extensive experience helping global organizations implement a consistent sales process. In addition to process design, Erica regularly addresses CRM and training requirements that accompany a new sales process.

Sales Consulting Case Study

Client Testimonial

We’ve been asking for something like this for 2+ years.

RVP’s comment on Symmetrics Group’s work

Sales Consulting Testimonial
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