Shifting from Reactive to Proactive in Customer Outreach

Business Challenge

Our client had primarily grown through 40+ acquisitions and decided to shift from acting like a portfolio of companies to performing like a portfolio of brands.

Originally, the sales team took a reactive approach to customer interactions. The goal was to transform this approach to a more proactive, consultative approach, with a more methodical way to conduct account planning and analysis. By doing this, the client could better recognize potential revenue opportunities and drive greater organic growth within its existing customer base.

Shifting from reactive to proactive in customer outreach

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group began by developing a client-specific “Way of Sales” that would act as the common sales methodology across the company. We trained all sales teams on this approach.

Once the training was complete, we went into the field to not only drive the account planning process, but also to actively coach and reinforce the new methodology in customer-facing sales meetings. This gave sales team members the onsite support and direction they needed as they adjusted to these new processes.

Finally, Symmetrics Group delivered ongoing reinforcement tools such as webinars, meetings-in-a-box for sales leaders, and “tips and tricks” communications to provide ongoing coaching that would support long-term process adoption.


The new methodology has already begun to bear fruit for the company. Our client has seen new product placement and new product store tests at multiple growth accounts within the Garden division as a result of the new sales approach.


Our client is a leading innovator, marketer and producer of quality branded products for consumer and professional use in the lawn and garden and pet supplies markets. The company wanted to transform its customer outreach from reactive to proactive, uncovering revenue opportunities and improving its market share within its existing customer base.


Joni Santos – Joni is a sales effectiveness expert who collaborates with sales teams at a deep level to create sustained change in the field. She applied her expertise in sales process and methodology development and customized sales training to this engagement.

Joni Santos
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