Realigning Capability, Onboarding, and Compensation in Hospitality Sales

Business Challenge

To sustain its leadership in the mid-priced extended stay segment, our client sought to increase sales production by better aligning the sales organization with role clarity, a centralized sales support function, and a renewed focus on larger, more strategic accounts. The client’s management team needed a disciplined approach to make these changes that factored in the necessary capabilities, training, onboarding, and reward structures for success.

Realigning capability, onboarding, and compensation

Symmetrics Group Approach

The company engaged Symmetrics Group to plan the realignment and build a foundation for sales effectiveness and change. Key work streams included:

  • Skills Assessment – Defined sales skills and competencies for key roles, developed assessment criteria and approach, facilitated an evaluation process to ensure the company had the right people in the right roles, and redesigned the company’s annual performance review process for sales.
  • Onboarding, Training and Sales Coaching – Refreshed the existing sales employee onboarding program and developed new tactical sales process training materials to support the realignment; developed and deployed sales coaching model and cadence for newly formed centralized sales team.
  • Compensation Strategy and Structure – Evaluated current market compensation for key roles to inform the company’s compensation strategy and structure (traditional and non-traditional); Facilitated the compensation design process and development of new comp plans.

Symmetrics Group deployed a collaborative approach to work with existing sales leaders to define “what does good look like” across key sales roles and delivered experiential training and a sales coaching model to reinforce the change.


After redefining key roles and expanding its centralized sales team, the company has successfully realigned the team to more effectively sell into key clients and capitalize on market opportunities. The company met or exceeded revenue targets in the 2+ quarters following our engagement, which is a testament to the renewed focus on driving customer value and providing a rewarding place to work for its sales team.


Our client is the largest owner/operator of company-branded hotels in North America with over 650 hotels in the U.S. and Canada, comprising over 75,000 rooms. Symmetrics Group was engaged to help drive an organizational redesign of the sales team and bring leading practices and expertise around sales skills/competencies, role definition, employee onboarding and training, and compensation strategy to accelerate the change.


Debi Jackson – Debi is a resident expert in sales capability development, including the leadership and coaching that are critical to making new selling skills stick. This client benefited from these strengths, as well as Debi’s proficiency in training curriculum design.

Debi Jackson
Sales Consulting Case Study

This project is a great example of how we balance an internal investigation of needs with external best practices to inform organization and compensation design.”

– Debi Jackson
Sr. Consultant, Symmetrics Group

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