Optimizing the Line Review Process for a Global CPG Company

Business Challenge

This client’s line review preparation was chaotic, inefficient, last minute, and generally item/price focused. Line reviews were also primarily conducted by product managers, which vastly decreased the amount of time they spent on new product innovation and managing product lines. All of these factors negatively impacted sales.

To enable a more seamless line review process, our client formed a new customer marketing organization to work with Field Sales and Channel Sales and enable product managers to return to their primary role. The division hired Symmetrics Group to formalize the line review process, define roles, and build a consistent toolset.

Optimizing the line review process for cpg

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group analyzed the existing line review process, tools, and roles. We interviewed many members of all three primary organizations (Field Sales, Channel Sales, and Customer Marketing) to assess which parts of the process or tools were already working well. We attended line review prep meetings and actual line reviews for context on how the teams currently functioned. We formed an advisory task force made up of members from all three groups to guide us through the process of redefining all key elements of the line review process for efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition to defining the new line review process and supporting roles and tools, our deliverables included a quantitative account segmentation tool, which segmented customers into A, B, or C accounts – with differing line review steps and tools to accommodate larger vs. smaller accounts.

Symmetrics Group trained the Field Sales, Channel Sales, and Customer Marketing teams to run the new line review process, collaborating with each other to prepare for line reviews in a far more efficient and effective manner.


As a result of this engagement, the client implemented a disciplined new line review process that included:

  • Efficient line review prep and tools customized for different customer segments (A, B, C)
  • Quantitative customer segmentation with parameters that could easily be changed or manipulated by the client should they require further refinement in the future
  • Re-defined roles and responsibilities for all Field Sales, Channel Sales, and Customer Marketing teams

Our client, a $7.4B global consumer products company, sells a range of brands across three segments: Outdoor Solutions, Consumer Solutions, and Branded Consumables. The Consumer Solutions Division, which had grown largely through acquisitions, lacked a consistent line review preparation process, as well as clearly defined roles/responsibilities and a standard toolset for this process.


Hope Eyre – Hope is a senior consultant with Symmetrics Group and applied her CPG experience and diverse background in account segmentation, sales structure, sales process definition, and training design for this client.

Hope Eyre
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