Optimizing a Global Hospitality Company’s Sales Organization

Business Challenge

Our client sought to assess their Global Sales organization, as they did not think it was optimized for the market opportunity and operational effectiveness. The new VP of Sales wanted to revisit their go-to-market strategy and org design and ensure they were aligned to best practices, benchmarks, and the market. The VP of Sales also wanted to create a pipeline culture via Salesforce.com around leads, opportunities, and accounts/territories, with clear reporting and metrics around progress.

Optimizing a global hospitality sales org

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group analyzed the client’s 1000+ tiered customer base to determine the best go-to-market strategy and org design to maximize revenue and focus on drivers of customer value. We re-architected their org structure and their accounts/territories to align resources against market and account potential.

Based on our analysis, we made six key recommendations across sales teams, inside and outside sales, and account/territory models. Recommendations included:

  • Placing greater resource focus on Travel Management Companies
  • Driving synergies and efficiencies across two departments around resources and cross-training
  • Creating an inside support team for Outside Sales
  • Developing a Sales Planning Function to centralize planning, reporting, and enabling tools and technologies
  • Deploying a data-driven, value-oriented ‘Way of Sales’ to enable an insights-based selling approach

Symmetrics Group helped to implement the main recommendations in subsequent follow-on projects.


Approximately one year after the engagement, the company exceeded targets in the key segments, while using less resources. In one key segment, their YTD room night performance through June was up almost 9% vs. negative growth the previous year. In another key segment, YTD incremental room night growth was 6% higher than the previous year, but over 100% higher than their goal.


Our client franchises more than five thousand hotels, representing in excess of 500,000 rooms in the United States and 20+ other countries and territories. Trailing twelve months revenues were ~$750M, with operating margins of >25%.


Rachel Cavallo – Rachel is a principal at Symmetrics Group and has addressed go-to-market and organizational challenges for numerous global sales teams. Respected for her strategic thinking, she is regularly called upon to help define the right org structure and resources to meet customer and market demands.

The Multigenerational Sales Team

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