Leading with Insights Rather than Features in Technology

Business Challenge

The complexity of this client’s offerings often caused the sales teams to lead with their products’ cutting-edge features in customer conversations. The client wanted to move to an insight-based sales approach, in which teams identified customer problems and proposed products as the natural solution. The client engaged Symmetrics Group to create a custom Insights-Driven Sales Program to differentiate the sales teams’ approach.

Selling with insights rather than features

Symmetrics Group Approach

  • Insights-Based Sales Messaging: Symmetrics Group started by facilitating a custom insights-based workshop with key players from sales, sales operations, marketing and other divisions to define selling differentiators to drive larger sales opportunities.
  • Sales Tools: We used the workshop output to develop two insights-based selling tools (Conversation Prompters), aligned with key product initiatives, for the global sales team to use in expanding the sales conversation. We collaborated with corporate and product marketing teams to develop the insights and supporting proof points. Two complementary insights positioning tools (Insights Planning Tool & Win Plan Capture tool) supported the application of the insights-based selling approach.
  • Sales Skills: To socialize the insights-based selling approach, Symmetrics Group trained 400+ global sellers in insight selling, including utilization and application of “Big I” insights, at their annual retreat. We applied the principles of Thinking Preferences to enable sellers to more readily position key messages to decision makers and more senior executives.
  • Change Management: To drive awareness and adoption, we designed and launched tailored reinforcement campaigns, including regionally-based webinars and executive communications, including emails and talking points to cascade the initiatives from division president to regional VPs


The insights selling approach sharpened the client’s selling skills, and when initially applied to opportunities within their top 10 customer accounts, win rates improved by 17%. These results reflect the feedback we received, with 95% of sales managers recommending the session to peers and 85% of front-line sales reps applying the learnings to current deals.


Our client produced industry-leading testing and measuring technologies that were integrated into multiple broadband providers’ processes and equipment. Their solutions optimized the programs that were critical to installing and running broadband networks more seamlessly. They needed to break their habit of selling with the highly technical features of their offerings. Symmetrics Group helped move their sales teams to a customer-focused, insight-driven sales approach.


Warren Shiver – Warren is the founder and managing partner of Symmetrics Group. Not afraid to roll up his sleeves, Warren applied his experience in insights-based selling and sales transformation to this project.

Warren Shiver
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Consultant Perspective

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Consultant Perspective 

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