Investing in Sales Process and Technology to Drive Growth Amidst a Pandemic

Business Challenge

Our client wanted to improve how sellers prioritized their time among agents so they could better identify opportunities to drive incremental sales. There were three hurdles to this effort:


  1. Sellers didn’t adhere to a consistent sales process; each had a highly individualized approach to customer engagement.
  2. The sales team tended to give the majority of their time and attention to the top 20% of customers only, farming these relationships to the exclusion of much of the remaining customer base which included agents with excellent growth potential.
  3. Finally, our client’s CRM tool was outdated and ineffective at helping sellers manage the business.


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Symmetrics Group Approach

After interviewing sellers and sales leadership, we recognized that a new customer segmentation, consistent sales process and updated CRM tool were required. While our vision was clear, we knew it would be challenging to get the sales team to adopt new processes and tools after an ingrained process for many years.


We started with the agent segmentation and quickly determined that the top tier of agents would continue to sell our client’s products at the same volume, even if some of the extensive attention they routinely received was diverted to smaller agents with excellent growth potential. We then assigned a growth potential rating to the remaining agents and helped the sales team to rethink how they prioritized their time in order to drive incremental sales within the current customer base. The client restructured the sales team and implemented new processes to leverage the potential growth embedded in the agent base.


Our next challenge was to get the sales team to speak a consistent sales language, especially when it came to assessing opportunity at their agent customers. To do this, we implemented a simple sales process that could easily be adopted by the sales team and used across their various channels.


Finally, our client was missing a huge opportunity to better manage the business by upgrading their CRM system and processes. We assessed their current CRM configuration and recommended changes to reflect the new agent segmentation and new sales process. We then helped sales leadership drive more consistency in how sellers would use the tool.


We rolled out the new agent segmentation, sales process, and CRM recommendations in December 2019 to our client’s sales and service teams. The alignment among our client’s CEO, Head of Sales, and Senior Team demonstrated how impactful strong leadership can be when driving significant organizational change.


In 2020, while many companies in the automotive industry were facing significant challenges due to Covid-19, our client exceeded their growth expectations. In June 2020, our client reported their best month in the customer’s history and finished the year with growth records.

Specifically, our client observed these positive outcomes in addition to incremental revenue:


1. Reduced sales cycle time


2. Higher volumes of new opportunities through the new processes and CRM system


3. Opportunities to add higher volume accounts while improving service levels.


Our client sells automotive insurance plans through third-party insurance agents to automotive dealers throughout the country. In this saturated industry, sellers must aggressively invest in relationships with the agents who will contract with dealers to sell our client’s insurance plans to end consumers – the car buyers.


Erica Abt – Over the past several years Erica has delivered several sales process and CRM technology projects to help clients address some of their biggest challenges and evolve their sales approach. She has been successful in sharing learnings from clients across a variety of industries, while customizing and adapting processes and technology recommendations to the needs of individual clients and their unique businesses.

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