Implementing Consistent Sales Execution Best Practices in Technology

Business Challenge

Our client recognized that it needed to deploy consistent sales and sales management processes, tools, and methods that will increase overall sales effectiveness. The company leadership did not have the visibility it needed into information, including accurate forecast data, due to the independently operating sales teams and their practice of following inconsistent, ad hoc sales processes.

Implementing consistent sales execution best practices

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group worked with the company’s sales management team to develop a Sales Excellence program, which included standardized processes, training, and tools. The new standards of excellence enabled sales managers to coach team members and reinforce these standards on a consistent basis.

We also helped develop critical supporting documentation, including finalizing the sales process, forecasting process (including a desktop reference for pipeline management and forecasting), a sales process reference guide, account planning templates and meeting review guides for territory, account and opportunity review sessions.

Finally, Symmetrics Group helped prepare sales managers to deploy the new program and coach other team members through an interactive setting where sales managers could practice applying the tools and guides.


The standardized tools and processes enabled our client to achieve greater visibility into its sales process and pipeline effectiveness, along with increased adoption of The current sales team and any team members that came onboard later would all operate under the same processes and procedures, creating greater consistency within the sales organization.


Our client is one of the largest Internet Protocol (IP) network and hosting providers in the world, with more than 4,000 customers. Leadership sought greater visibility throughout the sales process and more effective sales execution, coaching and forecasting.


Warren Shiver – Warren is the founder and managing partner at Symmetrics Group. He takes an active role in many engagements and applied his expertise in sales process design, forecasting, and sales management and coaching to this particular project.

Warren Shiver
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