High-Impact Sales Kick Off Session

Business Challenge

The Learning & Development organization was looking to conduct breakout sessions at its Sales Kickoff meeting that would help sellers with lead generation and account management for end users. There was more of a focus on end users (60% of calls) and maximizing time with high-potential prospects and accounts. The objective was to increase sellers’ focus on pursuing new business (10% of all sales calls).  Many of the sellers spent a lot of time with their most comfortable customers (comfort selling). 

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Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group designed and facilitated a 90-minute, highly interactive breakout session for all of the client’s sellers at their National Sales Kickoff Meeting. As part of creating the session, Symmetrics Group collaborated with the client to:


  • Define the desired learning outcomes/objectives
  • ‘Test’ different models/concepts to determine which were most appropriate and adoptable
  • Iterate the session content to make it more impactful and to tie in to other selling processes/content they had previously trained their sellers on
  • Add in interactive elements like polling and competitive games
  • Pilot the final session content to their internal L&D team to capture relevant ‘speaking points’ and add ‘color’ to the facilitation


The breakout session focused on helping their ~400 sales professionals to:

  1. Make quality calls with the right process
  2. Pursue the right leads and
  3. Invest time with the right accounts


Sellers and Sales Leaders provided very positive feedback after the session.  The field felt the content was relevant for improving performance and engaging.


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Doug Ferreira – Doug designs and implements sales methodologies, training programs, and provides coaching to sales professionals and leaders in the development of strategic selling strategies. He has led several organizations in the implementation of their first formalized sales process and has been a keynote speaker at several sales kickoffs and has spoken at several industry conferences.

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Client Testimonial

“Very rewarding experience. Tremendous collaboration. Next steps are already in motion for 2018.”

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