From Vendor to Strategic-Level Relationships with Major Accounts

Business Challenge

The company had an enviable client list and a technology footprint worthy of partner-level relationships within its major accounts. However, its customer interactions suggested a vendor-only status and a tactical sales approach focused on software functional needs. Faced with increasing competition and more demanding customers, our client asked Symmetrics Group to help identify the needs of its top accounts and elevate customer conversations to a more strategic level.

From vendor to strategic relationships

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group worked with the major account teams to identify and prioritize the top set of business issues these customers faced. We helped them:

  • Formulate business guidance they could offer customers based on their expansive knowledge of financial services, trends and other market drivers
  • Determine what technology solutions and professional services expertise would best help customers address their needs
  • Differentiate themselves from point solution providers best equipped to compete with our client in tactical sales only


Major accounts teams shared their long-term strategic vision with customers, working with them to jointly arrive at specific recommendations for achieving growth, improving operational efficiency, mitigating risk, lowering costs or maximizing the time employees spend on high-value work. These conversations have resulted in short-term revenue of $2 million, with several additional long-term pursuits in process.


Our client is a $2.5B global software and IT company that provides services to institutions across virtually every segment of the financial services industry. Their solutions included an extensive array of front, middle and back office software applications for the financial services industry, from global trading to asset management; and from regulatory compliance to risk.


Kelsey Peusch – Kelsey is a senior consultant with Symmetrics Group and has helped numerous sales organizations with strategies, planning approaches, and tools to best serve major accounts. Kelsey applied her deep experience with strategic account planning and growth for this particular client.

Kelsey Peusch
Sales Consulting Case Study

Client Testimonial

We think about the customer’s future, and we’re not rooted in our products. This enables us to have a different, more strategic discussion. We can have a more comprehensive discussion of the customer’s problem.

Division President 

Sales Consulting Testimonial
The Multigenerational Sales Team

More effectively leverage talent across generations who think, sell, and buy in vastly different ways and overcome generational obstacles to drive improvements in both individual and organizational performance.

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