Enhanced Opportunity and Account Management in Industrial Products

Business Challenge

This client had inconsistencies across their SBUs around opportunity and account management. They wanted to have standard models, templates and a language that cut across their SBUs –with ~80% being standard and 20% being unique to the SBU. They had already standardized around some sales management “disciplines,” as well as CRM in two of the SBUs, and wanted to have standard work in the “third leg of the stool” around opportunity and account management. There was a lot of redundant work being done across SBUs and best practices were not being identified and leveraged across sales teams.

Enhanced opportunity and account management

Symmetrics Group Approach

Our approach was to first conduct a comprehensive discovery process, which included interviews, ride-alongs and a document review. We integrated the client’s best practices with those from Symmetrics Group and created draft opportunity and account management models, processes and tools.

We then conducted a validation review with the client and revised and updated the materials accordingly. Lastly, we created some training materials that were integrated with the client’s current sales ‘disciplines’ and trained the mangers to roll out the processes to their respective teams.


The recommendations are in the process of being implemented. We are currently conducting a pre-pilot to their management team.


Our client manufactures, sells, and services industrial and commercial products. For this project, the main business units that were in scope include Residential HVAC, Commercial HVAC and Compression Technology Services.

This organization was looking to deploy standard processes as part of an overall sales effectiveness initiative that included opportunity and account management.


Warren Shiver – Warren is the founder and managing partner of Symmetrics Group. Warren brings a holistic view of sales performance improvement and helped the team dig deep into opportunity and account management issues for this client.

Warren Shiver
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