Energizing and Arming the Sales Force with Brand Messaging

Business Challenge

Our client’s sales force juggled marketing and selling multiple brands and offerings to diverse customer segments. Sales Directors were stretched thin managing teams, budgets, and current customers. Opportunities to reinforce the brand and leverage a story-telling approach lost out to shorter-term, high-priority sales issues on a daily basis.

Energizing and arming the sales force with brand messaging

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group worked with the client on the following items:

  • Value Proposition: Symmetrics Group collaborated with the brand, sales leaders and sellers, and the customer/ consumer insights team identify the value that the brand specifically offered to business travel buyers, as well as the business travelers themselves. Using these resources, we developed an internal value proposition around a core theme that emerged from the research.
  • Sales Messaging: Knowing that we needed to engage multiple audiences, Symmetrics Group crafted messaging around the hotel brand that would resonate with buyer and traveler personas.
  • Videos for Sales Conference: After developing the components of the story, we worked with an interactive agency to script and create three internal selling videos to energize the field and heighten awareness of the brand’s key value to the core customer (travel buyers) and their own internal customer (business travelers).


The resulting sales videos aired at the annual Sales Conference for key global sales leaders to view. The internal value proposition centered on a theme that was unique to brand. Salespeople felt confident that no competitors could make the same argument for their properties. Moreover, the reinvigorated selling story energized the field to take pride in one of the world’s most beloved and trusted brands.


Our client’s portfolio of hospitality brands spanned 5-star, luxury properties to mid-priced, family-oriented inns. It also included one of hospitality’s most iconic and beloved hotel brands. With three guests checking in every minute to 225,000+ rooms around the world, the global appeal and relevance of the brand could not be understated.

Symmetrics Group was tasked with re-energizing the sales force with great messaging, and presenting the internal brand sales case in a compelling, eye-catching format.


Rachel Cavallo – Rachel is a principal at Symmetrics Group and is skilled with creating strategies that drive sales forces to adopt real change — the kind of change that produces results.

Rachel Cavallo
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Client Testimonial

“I liked these videos because they’re succinct and give us key talking points.”

Regional Sales Director,

Sales Consulting Testimonial
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