Dramatic Strategic Account Growth in Aerospace and Defense

Business Challenge

Our client had two distinctly different sales organizations after their recent acquisition. New leadership sought to establish a common sales process and account management approach to capitalize on their expanded capabilities across their combined customer base.  They were looking for a solution that would enable them to grow sales at their largest customers across the globe while at the same time developing an industry-leading sales process and organization.

Dramatic Strategic Account Growth

Symmetrics Group Approach

The company engaged Symmetrics Group to develop sales and account planning processes and to then deploy these processes throughout several working sessions with their team.  By using the working sessions to deploy the new processes, we hoped to integrate the methods into their business and avoid a creating a training “event” that might result in less than optimal retention and overall value. The objectives for these sessions were to:

  • Create standard tools and processes that both properties and corporate salespeople could leverage
  • Facilitate the development of account strategies for their top 20 global customers
  • Develop sales skills in the areas of planning, discovery, and positioning
  • Assess the current level of sales skills and make recommendations for the team and talent

Symmetrics Group brought leading sales practices to the client, and worked with the company’s leaders to tailor these practices to the needs of their sales and customer service teams. We collaborated with the client to prioritize existing accounts and increase focus on top accounts.

We conducted individual account planning sessions with the sales team and embedded account metrics into their MBO targets. After the initial rollout, our client continue to facilitate update sessions where they reviewed account results and updated strategies as needed.


With the launch of their new selling tools, skills, and account strategies, the client has seen dramatic growth in both the number and size of their strategic accounts. The company has experienced 23% annual growth over the past eight years, mainly driven by sales increases to their top 20 global customers.


Our client is a leading provider of inventory supported maintenance, repair, and overhaul for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. They needed to standardize their sales process and account management approach after integrating a new acquisition. They selected Symmetrics Group to build a consistent sales process, facilitate account development strategies across top customers, and evaluate the skill set and strengths of the current team to optimize overall performance.


Warren Shiver – Warren is Symmetrics Group’s founder and managing partner. This is one of many examples where Warren has led client/consultant teams to define process, tools, and key account strategies to drive tangible improvements in sales.

Warren Shiver
Sales Consulting Case Study

Client Testimonial

Our business has grown by 11 times since engaging Symmetrics Group. So much of that is due to strategic focus and tremendous revenue growth we’ve driven in our top accounts.”

– President & CEO 

Sales Consulting Testimonial
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