Developing Standard Operating Procedures to Drive Strategic Sales Post-Merger

Business Challenge

Post-merger integration and a lack of standard operating procedures created inconsistencies across the sales organization. Executives needed their salespeople to sell more strategically and wanted a management team that could consistently drive a more strategic sell. This required coaching and opportunity oversight, neither of which were happening frequently or consistently. Sales leadership turned to Symmetrics Group to implement a common set of management standard operating procedures by which their sales leaders could coach and manage the business.

Developing standard operating procedures in sales

Symmetrics Group Approach

After thorough understanding of leadership needs and analysis of the current practices, Symmetrics Group developed an overriding coaching approach and supporting procedures and tools. Specific deliverables included:

  • A coaching model for how to diagnose competency and coach at the appropriate level to optimize impact
  • A set of SOPs and corresponding tools that enabled a consistent framework for how sales leaders worked with their teams in the field, coached opportunities, ran team meetings, and conducted one-on-one development discussions
  • Practical training on “thinking preferences” from Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)® and Whole Brain Thinking®, which enabled coaches and their teams to better work together and understand their customers. Specifically, these frameworks allowed managers to tailor their coaching to the thinking preferences of individual team members.

Symmetrics Group rolled out the above through both management and sales team-focused training sessions.


While this implementation is ongoing across the organization, senior leadership continues to be satisfied with the results stemming from this initiative.


Our client is a leading competitive supplier of power, natural gas, renewable energy and energy management products and services for homes and businesses across the continental U.S. Prior to our engagement, they executed a merger, creating inconsistencies across sales teams and sales management. Executives sought to not only remediate these inconsistencies but to put systems in place to drive sales teams and managers towards a more strategic approach.


Kelsey Peusch – A seasoned consultant with Symmetrics Group, Kelsey brought her expertise addressing sales process, sales capability, and sales management opportunities across industries to this client. In addition, Kelsey’s domain expertise in energy and commodity-based industries proved valuable for this particular client.

Kelsey Peusch
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