Delivering a High Value Sales Kickoff Meeting

Business Challenge

Our client engaged Symmetrics Group on the heels of a major sales strategy and way of sales effort that we designed and delivered to key leaders the year prior to this engagement. Sales leadership wanted to more broadly communicate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Thinking Preferences (“ HBDI” , or Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) and Voice of the Customer insights from Symmetrics Group to their full sales organization via their annual Sales Kickoff meeting.

Delivering a high value sales kickoff meeting

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group deployed an approach that built on the Standard Operating Procedures we had designed and catered the approach for a roll-out to Business Development Managers. We designed content that was fit for a large room (400 people) and content that was designed for smaller groups in break-out’s including activities and take-away learning objects. We spoke to our client’s customers to validate content (filmed and phone interviews) and create unique learning that captured the voice of the customer.

We designed and delivered a keynote on HBDI and a SOP primer. We then designed and delivered break-out sessions covering the SOP’s with the sales teams. For the next year’s Sales Kickoff, we identified a clear need to better understand the customer through VOC interviews (filmed). We brought to life the following: HBDI, the multi-dimensional customer and opportunity planning. Symmetrics Group also designed and delivered SOP sessions further developing the content. In a third year participating in the client’s Sales Kickoff, we continued to build on expanding the VOC work (filmed 9 clients) and put in place a simplified strategy designed to maximize account growth and potential. We also participated in the facilitation of a break-out designed to encourage cross-selling and account potential.


Symmetrics Group was the highest rated portion of the Sales Kickoff meeting three years in a row and contributed heavily to the success of the event.


Our client is a leading competitive energy company providing power, natural gas, renewable energy, and energy management products and services for homes and businesses across the continental United States. They provide integrated energy solutions — from electricity and natural gas procurement and renewable energy supply to energy efficiency and distributed energy solutions — that help customers strategically buy, manage and use their energy. Symmetrics Group was engaged to deliver a keynote session and break-out sessions at the client’s Sales Kickoff for three years in a row.


Kelsey Peusch – At Symmetrics Group, Kelsey is a resident expert in sales process and instructional design.  For this project, she leveraged her skills in designing practical and engaging training sessions for both large-scale and breakout session formats.

Kelsey Peusch
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