Creating Go-to-Market Synergies Across Strategic Acquisitions

Business Challenge

The newly created division was pursuing growth through product and service expansion along their value chain. The business expected growth to come from continued acquisitions as well as from organic growth. Our challenge was to align all of the leaders of the separate business units around a holistic and coherent go-to-market strategy. The strategy would help the division to realize the revenue synergies across the units and to present a solutions-oriented message to their joint customers – for example, each business unit might work with a different set of stakeholders at a large bank.

Creating GTM synergy

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group worked closely with the client to understand the go-to-market strategies of each business unit, including customer targets, product offerings, and routes-to-market. The team obtained situational fluency via interviews, working sessions, document review, and listening to calls with the client’s customers. With this foundational knowledge, we developed different go-to-market options for the division, including pros and cons of each and key considerations for the leadership team. In a collaborative approach with the client, Symmetrics Group refined and honed the go-to-market model and presented it to senior leadership to further enhance and improve it.


The go-to-market model was eventually presented to both the COO and CEO of the multi-billion-dollar division in which the new business was created. The new division has begun to shift resources, execute on the recommended org chart and other recommendations, including infrastructure synergies, and train all sellers across the three units on the full ‘bag’ of products and services.

One of the units is having their best year ever in terms of revenue growth, while the other units are already identifying major cross-sell opportunities across the value chain. At the time of writing, the division was in major discussions at two of the top five banks in the U.S. to sell a comprehensive solution that included products and services from each of the business units.


Our client is a ~$10B global specialized insurance and related services provider that sells across financial services segments using various routes-to-market, including brokers, agents, distributors and direct sellers.

For this initiative, the focus was on a newly created mortgage solutions division formed fromvarious acquisitions across the mortgage value chain.


Masami Middleton – A principal with Symmetrics Group, Masami is a strategic expert who has extensive experience with customer analysis, go-to-market strategy and sales org structure for clients across industries.

Masami Middleton
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