Consistent Sales Process and High Impact Tools in Hospitality

Business Challenge

Our client needed to combine their many successful sales tools and processes with best-in-class practices in order to consistently win in the increasingly competitive global lodging market. They also knew that they wanted to not just standardize, but elevate, the performance of their sales force to world class. They had begun to develop a “Way of Sales” program, and, as part of this program, they were looking to develop best-in-class processes and tools to support the both on-property and corporate salespeople.

Consistent Sales process and high impact tools in hospitality

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group used the following approach to develop standard tools and processes that both properties and corporate salespeople could leverage:

  • Interviewed a representative sample of corporate and on-property salespeople about current sales practices and asked what would help them be more effective in the future
  • Investigated the existing tools and processes being used, and where things were working well
  • Worked with the client to facilitate the design of a common sales process built on best practices and the customer’s buying process
  • Developed a set of tools that included guides for prospecting and account management as well as tools for negotiating deals, prioritizing accounts, and managing sellers’ time


With the launch of the new sales process and tools, our client improved their ability to consistently go to market. Response has been immensely positive from key stakeholders, and Symmetrics Group is continuing to support deployment efforts to the field


Our client is an international hotel company with more guest rooms than any other hotel company worldwide. With seven hotel brands and 4,400 hotels across 100 countries, they realized that they had many different ways in which they were selling their products to customers, specifically those customers reserving meeting space and negotiating corporate travel agreements for their organizations.


Rachel Cavallo – Rachel is a principal at Symmetrics Group and is well-versed in the design of highly relevant sales processes and tools for clients. She is a big fan of applying litmus tests and having clients “test drive” tools to ensure they deliver their intended impact.

Rachel Cavallo
The Multigenerational Sales Team

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