Designing a Comprehensive “Way of Sales” Program for a Business Travel Leader

Business Challenge

This leading business travel services company has committed a significant investment in sales resources to expand its presence in a high priority market segment. While they have made great strides in building a new organization dedicated to this segment, the company has lacked a consistent sales process and approach across all segments of their business. They sought help in establishing and rolling out a “Way of Sales” to their global sales organization and a comprehensive sales on-boarding program for new sales and support team hires.

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Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group is developing a full “Way of Sales” program that includes the development of a core sales process, supporting tools, sales training, and a sales coaching program to be executed through a new Sales Management Cadence.

Specific focus areas and deliverables include:

  • Sales process and sales playbook with segment-specific nuances to support the positioning of fully-customized solutions as well as standard offers for smaller niche segments
  • A High Impact Conversation Guide for the Telesales team that creates consistency pre and post-sale and highlights the importance of accessing the right people and gaining the right information to create and sustain sales momentum
  • Sales leader playbook and coaching guide to structure regular team interactions and productive coaching conversations with sellers, regardless of skill level (e.g. learning, developing, performing)
  • A training and on-boarding vision/roadmap, plus learning journey and specific learning objectives for new sales and support hires
  • Modular training content for webinars and targeted instructor-led training sessions


As this project is underway, it is premature to report on results. This page will be updated once feedback on program impact has been collected.


Our client is a global leader in the business travel industry with approximately 16,000 employees and operations in nearly 140 countries. Serving companies of all sizes, our client provides travel management, meeting and event services, and business travel consulting to support business success for their customers and travelers.


Kelsey Peusch – Kelsey is a seasoned sales effectiveness expert at Symmetrics Group who has rolled out numerous large-scale sales process and sales training programs across industries. She brings valuable experience with sales process discipline, communications, instructional design and sales leadership development to this particular project.

Kelsey Peusch
The Multigenerational Sales Team

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