Coaching and Motivating a Volunteer Army

Business Challenge

With revenues declining and a rising rate of Representative attrition matched with a stale brand and increased competition, the client needed a new way to energize, engage, and educate the sales force on how to sell, recruit, and lead more effectively. While the annual Sales Conference provided a great opportunity to reach over 5500 Representatives, the need to deploy this content to the 300k+ Representatives that were unable to attend the conference was an even bigger necessity.

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Symmetrics Group Approach

We worked with the training team to develop keynote content to be delivered to Representatives, Leaders, and Executive Leaders at the organization’s annual Sales Conference. This included the creation 12 separate keynote presentations (in 2 languages) alongside 170 pages of speaker notes which were required to prep the 58 assigned facilitators and co-facilitators.


Keynote content was then packaged into 56 separate eLearning models and launched to reinforce key concepts for those attending the conference and to educate the 350K+ reps who were unable to attend the conference.


This privately-held B2C direct marketing organization sells cosmetics, fragrance, clothing, accessories while providing entrepreneurial opportunities to those looking to start their own business.


Kelsey Peusch – Kelsey specializes in instructional design and content development targeting Sales Management and Front-line Sellers. Through engaging, interactive, and beautifully designed materials, her work reinforces critical competencies that directly impact seller effectiveness in the field.

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Sales Consulting Case Study

Client Testimonial

“Our new online University provides engaging and self-paced education that has helped me up my game and grow my business.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!”

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Sales Consulting Testimonial
The Multigenerational Sales Team

More effectively leverage talent across generations who think, sell, and buy in vastly different ways and overcome generational obstacles to drive improvements in both individual and organizational performance.

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