Building Sales Capability to Pivot to a New

Business Challenge

To turn around its declining income, the client’s CEO instituted a bold shift in strategy that included selling products and services to commercial clients, such as banks and mortgage lenders, in order to lessen the firm’s dependence on grants. The goal was to not only add new sources of revenue, but to also use the new income to expand the financial service offerings not typically available to low-to-moderate income families. The challenge was that it had neither defined products/services to sell, nor a sales force with commercial experience to sell them.

Building sales capability to pivot to a new market

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group implemented a four-step approach to assist the client in bringing new products to market:

  • Assisted in identifying core competencies that could be productized to fill the needs of potential commercial clients
  • Developed value propositions that would resonate with prospects in the financial services industries
  • Assisted in hiring a sales force capable of hunting for new prospects
  • Worked with the new Sales VP to stand up sales operations and pipeline management


As a result of our efforts, the client secured a set of core service offerings aimed at helping banks reduce their mortgage delinquency rates and lower the number of borrowers who default into foreclosure. They sell a variety of personalized financial education programs that clients can offer to their own customers, and they continue to innovate services that provide value to commercial clients whose customers include low-to-moderate income individuals and families. Their newly hired sales force has been trained in product positioning and is armed with selling materials that articulate the value proposition for each new service. Finally, sales management has a robust pipeline with a disciplined pipeline management process and the tools needed to manage revenue and grow sales operations as the team adds new clients and team members.


Since 1964, our client has been a leading non-profit financial counseling & advisory agency, helping low-to-moderate income families overcome financial challenges, such as bankruptcy and foreclosure, and achieve financial stability.

Historically, the agency had depended on private foundation and government grants for the income needed to carry out its mission. However, the recent recession created an economic and political climate in which funding was shrinking just as the number of families in financial distress was rapidly growing. The company needed new sources of income.


Hope Eyre – Hope is a sales effectiveness expert who takes a roll-up-the-sleeves approach to building winning sales organizations. She brought her expertise with value proposition and sales capability development to this particular client.

Hope Eyre
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