Building a Client Success Organization in Automotive

Business Challenge

Having grown rapidly by acquisition, the company was going to market with multiple, individual salesforces, without a unified approach to their customers. Leadership wanted to develop a new organization called the Client Success Organization with a single sales team bringing holistic solutions to problems for clients. They needed a new sales methodology that put client needs first.

Additional issues included over 20 instances of across the organization and a highly product-centric focus to selling as opposed to a solution-focused approach.

Building a client success org in automotive

Symmetrics Group Approach

Our approach to this engagement followed a Discovery, Design, and Development sequence:

  • Began by understanding the philosophy of how they defined client success, including their expectations of their new Chief Client Success Officer.
  • Reviewed formal sales methodologies used in the organization, identifying best practices applied in pockets of the organization
  • Designed an enterprise account management methodology – how to sell and how to properly manage an account, keeping the client needs first.
  • Developed a way of sales model that included 14 specific processes, multiple new roles, underlying tools and technology in the form of in order to develop GTM model.


Though we haven’t fully implemented model yet, we have run a myriad of account planning sessions with the new model and new philosophy. Sales leaders and teams are getting better traction and winning more deals going to market as a unified team and keeping client objectives top of mind.


Our client is a leading provider of automotive solutions for car dealer groups and car manufacturers. Their solutions span marketing to inventory management to technology solutions and services. The organization had grown rapidly through acquisition and as such, had multiple disparate sales teams.


Hope Eyre – Hope is a sales effectiveness expert who regularly works side by side with sales teams around account segmentation and planning and has helped numerous complex organizations rethink the way they serve their largest accounts.

Hope Eyre
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