Arming First Line Sales Leaders to Manage and Coach to Higher Performance

Business Challenge

Senior leaders at our client saw a number of challenges and opportunities amongst their front-line sales managers, including:

  • Top sellers promoted to management without proper skills and training
  • Lack of consistency and operational discipline to scale the business in a high velocity environment
  • Significant personnel changes amongst sales force due to change in seller profile, turnover, and hiring
  • Need to transition the sales team from transactional sales to selling value and an integrated offering

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group designed and implemented a sales leadership training program, including the following key components:

  • Sales Leadership Playbook: Developed a leadership playbook containing mission-critical sales resources and a management rhythm to manage the business of sales and lead teams to success. It served as an operating guide and coaching model to manage annual, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, and day-to-day seller interactions and priorities.
  • Tools and Templates for Sales Team: Designed prescriptive tools and templates for sellers and leaders to use to manage their business (e.g., Territory planning, Account planning, Pipeline reviews, Sales call planning, Field Coaching). Symmetrics Group ensured that selected managers and sellers “test drove” these tools to ensure their relevancy and worth.
  • Two-Day Training Workshop: Leaders from around the world convened for two days to learn a consistent management rhythm, key coaching moments, how to identify skill gaps, and how to coach individuals to higher performance.
  • Thinking Preferences in Sales Management: Using the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), leaders learned how to identify thinking preferences amongst their team and buyers and understand how they affect client interactions, ongoing team interactions, and coaching conversations.
  • 30, 60, 90 Day Planning: Incorporated action planning to organize leaders’ and sellers’ execution of the new rhythm and tools.


Unlike “off the shelf” approaches that the client had seen from other training companies, Symmetrics Group delivered a leadership playbook, tactical tools, and hands-on training customized to the client’s business and way of sales. The client is incorporating approaches and tools provided into other areas across sales and leadership company-wide.


Our client provides technology-enabled platforms for secure content sharing, regulated communications and financial disclosure services. Their sales team manages relationships across the globe with corporations, investment banks, private equity firms, and law firms to securely share of their most sensitive content, file financial and regulatory disclosures, and create customized communications across stakeholders.


Masami Middleton – Masami is a principal consultant with Symmetrics Group. For this engagement, she managed across Symmetrics Group consultants, training design and facilitation experts, and client leaders to deliver a tailored and high-impact leadership program.

Masami Middleton
Sales Consulting Case Study

Client Testimonial

We may be unable to control M&A, IPO, mutual fund or health care markets, but we do control how we hire, onboard, train, deploy, coach, and motivate to win.

– Chief Revenue Officer

Sales Consulting Testimonial
The Multigenerational Sales Team

More effectively leverage talent across generations who think, sell, and buy in vastly different ways and overcome generational obstacles to drive improvements in both individual and organizational performance.

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