Accelerating New Rep’s Time to Productivity

Business Challenge

Our client needed an onboarding program for new sellers that would reduce their time to productivity. The company offered over 500 products and services, yet provided limited direction to new sellers on which resources were relevant and useful. As a brand with an enviable reputation as a great place to work, our client wanted to ensure new Account Managers would be off to a positive and productive start with a sales-specific onboarding program.

Specifically, they needed an onboarding program that addressed overarching strategy and on-ramp timing, a variety of experience levels amongst in-coming Account Managers, and appropriate participation from managers. Historically, sales leaders were not as engaged in the onboarding process due to competing demands and lack of a formal process.

Accelerating Reps time to Productivity

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group conducted an assessment of onboarding needs and current practices around the globe and across various manager and seller roles. Based on a clear understanding of the business and onboarding needs, we developed the following key program components:

  • Onboarding Strategy and Roadmap: Mapping of the new seller experience over time, using a 5C framework for onboarding progression — Clarity, Connected, Comprehension, Confident, and Contributing.
  • New Seller Onboarding Guide: A detailed guide for new Account Managers to customize and follow that outlined a sequence of interactions with managers, peers, product experts, resource experts, and partners that fostered the connections they needed to learn and succeed over time. In addition to the human connections, the guide outlined key process, tool, and learning resources in a format that allowed new sellers to quickly link to these valuable assets.
  • Manager Quick Guide for New Seller Onboarding: A prescriptive guide outlining a roadmap for development over the new hire’s first year, expectations, and managers’ roles throughout the process. This included “Before Day 1” preparatory activities, suggested meeting cadence over the first 30 days and subsequent months, shadowing activities, and suggested people/learning resources.


Our client has implemented “Fast Start” pilot programs within each of their global regions. The early feedback from both new hires and managers has already shown improvements in time-to-productivity and the program is currently in a full global rollout.


Our client is a technology company in the global payments industry that operates the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories.


Debi Jackson – Debi is sales effectiveness expert who is skilled at bringing instructional, communications and change programs to life. Having addressed sales performance issues across industries, Debi is able to identify practical solutions and tools to meet the needs of each of her clients.

Debi Jackson
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