Assessing Sales Capacity and Coverage in Healthcare

Business Challenge

A new SVP of Sales & Marketing identified a need to assess the sales organization given aggressive growth goals and entry into a new market — New Hampshire. The assessment needed to cover everything from required size of sales force, internal organization structure, and incentive compensation.

Symmetrics Group identified multiple challenges during the discovery process. These included antiquated systems and ineffective processes, excessive headcount in operations to compensate for these shortcomings, inadequate headcount and coverage in sales to support desired growth, and an incentive compensation program that was overly complicated and not motivational. In addition, the team discovered that training and development had been neglected for many years.

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Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group took a comprehensive approach to execute the assessment and arrive at recommendations. The approach included financial analysis, internal and customer interviews, ride-alongs with sales people, and multiple meetings with key stakeholders within the organization.

To address capacity and coverage issues, we looked at key variables such as number, type, and size of customers, geographic dispersion of customers throughout the region our client served. In addition, our team worked with the appropriate stakeholders to understand the time required to cover various of types of customers, as well as time needed for other, internal activities. These variables, along with growth goals, were input into a model that generated an estimated headcount number to adequately cover the accounts.


The value the client received were twofold; an unbiased review of positives and negatives from an outside party and clear, implementable recommendations that were received well by stakeholders within the organization.


Our client is a Northeast-based health insurance company under that provides services in three northeastern states. The organization employs 2,400 people.

At the time we engaged with the organization, the nonprofit health insurer had 1,072,000 members. Its network includes 91 hospitals and 29,000 health care providers. The health plan offered products for employers as well as individuals enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and the Health Insurance Exchange.


Per Torgerson – Per is a resident sales compensation expert at Symmetrics Group. Beyond compensation, Per is experienced at addressing a full spectrum of sales effectiveness issues, including strategy articulation, organizational sizing and structure, customer segmentation, role clarity, and performance management.

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