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Led by some of the industry’s most respected thinkers, our team works hard to develop heavy-hitting insights, big ideas, and practical tools to help you transform your sales organization. Peruse our library of resources below. To stay up to date on our latest research, white papers, and other resources, visit our blog and subscribe.

A Sales Leader’s First 90 Days

This comprehensive guide walks new sales leaders through key decisions and actions in their first 90 days, useful frameworks and tools, common transition traps, and case studies from other sales leaders.


Symmetrics Group: Company Fact Sheet

Learn about the key challenges Symmetrics Group helps businesses address as well as our core capabilities with this one-page Fact Sheet.


Top Performers Series

What best-in-class qualities do top sales performers demonstrate? Symmetrics Group interviewed a variety of sales 'super stars' and assembled a series of articles featuring what sets these professionals apart.


CRM Disaster Prevention

How can companies avoid the typical pitfalls that lead to CRM failure? Based on experience with numerous clients embarking on new CRM programs or reassessing failed implementations, CRM expert Tim Clarke shares Symmetrics Group's point of view on the critical elements of CRM success.


The Multigenerational Sales Team

More effectively leverage talent across generations who think, sell, and buy in vastly different ways and overcome generational obstacles to drive improvements in both individual and organizational performance.

Multigenerational Sales Team book cover