Way of Sales – Strategy and Structure

Your sales teams may be undermining their own effectiveness.

If you’re struggling with too many people calling on the same customers, insufficient investment in new growth areas, or a high cost of sales, you understand the pain of poorly optimized sales resources. You’re not alone.

In most organizations, 20% of customers represent 80% of value. Yet few organizations properly align their resources against the 20%. When was the last time you reviewed your sales resource optimization?

Sales Resource Optimization (SRO), which lies at the core of effective strategy and structure, allows companies to align against highest value customers and their evolving needs. SRO starts with the premise that you don’t have unlimited dollars to spend on sales, and as leaders within your businesses, you have a fiduciary responsibility to spend those dollars wisely.

Part science and part art, SRO aims to align Customers, Sales Coverage, Sales Capacity and Sales Capability – collectively called the 4C’s.

  • Customer. Are our sales resources aligned against the highest potential market and customers?
  • Coverage. How do we optimize account coverage against prioritized markets and customers?
  • Capacity. What is the workload required to sell and how many resources do we need, by market segment and across the customer lifecycle?
  • Capability. Does our team have the right mix of skills and capabilities to sell and deliver on our value proposition?

Clients who work with us experience practical, real-world, sustainable, strategic, and structural improvements within their sales organizations. Read more about optimizing your sales resources in our guide book.

A solid go-to-market strategy and structure establishes the foundation on which to develop effective process and implement the right technology.

Strategy & Structure

In the U.S. over the past couple of years, there have been more than $700B in M&A transactions. As a result, many of our clients find themselves with misaligned or disparate sales teams that undermine each other’s performance. We help clients define a tailored vision, strategy, and organizational structure that aligns sales capacity and coverage against highest priority customers and markets.

Your Guide to Sales Resource Optimization

Learn how to align, size, and enable your sales organization using practical and thorough approaches and analyses.

Sales Resources Optimization Guide