Way of Sales – Process & Technology

Push-back and poor user adoption weaken sales effectiveness.

If your sales teams refuse to consistently implement the technology and processes you’ve invested in, you understand the pain of misalignment with either strategy or the real-world conditions your team operates in.

An effective sales process is a predictable guide to sales success. It outlines the verifiable “customer evidence” that provides a true measuring stick of progress through the sales cycle. It is supported by customized tools and technologies that salespeople actually want to use and that enable them to consistently meet their goals.

Our team gets in deep with your team and your customers to:

  • Build a sales process around your customer’s buying process
  • Define key activities by sales stage and customer evidence needed to advance to each new stage
  • Develop supporting tools ,such as territory, account, sales call, and opportunity/win plans, that drive the right outcomes throughout the sales process
  • Define sales technology requirements that will equip sellers to effectively advance through the sales process
  • Ensure that the process serves as a standard across segments and geographies

We understand the complexity that your sales team faces every day. We develop processes and recommend enabling tools that are simple and easy to implement, which leads to high adoption rates and ultimately higher win rates and quota attainment.

With the right process and technology in place, you gain clarity to define the skills and competencies necessary to ensure consistent application across your organization.

Process & Technology

Effective strategy and structure must be supported by a customer-aligned sales process and enabling tools and technologies. You don’t have time to waste implementing “flavor of the month” processes and methodologies that don’t deliver results. We help clients establish practical, consistent processes based on real-world field conditions. The sales process then forms the foundation for implementing tools and technologies that salespeople actually want to use and that enable them to higher levels of performance.

CRM Disaster Prevention

How can companies avoid the typical pitfalls that lead to CRM failure? Download the whitepaper to better understand the relationship between CRM strategy, sales effectiveness, and CRM technology.

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