Way of Sales – Management & Coaching

Front line management can be a powerful linchpin or the weakest link.

The front line sales manager is each salesperson’s most important relationship. Sales teams with leaders who effectively model, coach, and reinforce desired behaviors and practices consistently outperform their peers. Yet, this is an area where sales organizations traditionally struggle.

This is no surprise when you consider the complexity of the management role. Besides rolling up forecasts for each quarter and handling reporting and planning duties, managers must be skilled coaches who know:

  • How to deploy a sales management cadence with ongoing reviews of opportunities, accounts, sales calls, and overall performance
  • How to diagnose, observe, and coach individual salespeople
  • How to look for red flags and risks, and how to coach salespeople through them
  • How to allocate their time effectively among high, low, and medium performing salespeople
  • How to align incentives with leading and lagging sales metrics

Unfortunately, managers are often promoted on the basis of individual sales performance rather than management ability and then provided with insufficient skills training and inadequate support structure to perform their role effectively.

We help our clients equip their management teams with everything they need for high performance, including skills, roadmaps, tools, methodologies, and supportive technologies.

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Management & Coaching

Sales Managers are at the heart of every high performing sales team. Sales managers have a multiplier effect in that they influence their direct reports, perhaps 8 to 10 sellers, and potentially more depending on the sales model. Successful sales managers follow a defined cadence to run the business of sales (e.g., pipelines, forecasts) and have the ability to model, coach, and reinforce the sales process with their team.

Sales Leader Onboarding Checklist

Fast track your impact as a sales leader with our Sales Leader Onboarding Checklist. Learn the data to collect, where to prioritize, and pitfalls to avoid in preparation for Day 1 on the job.

Sales Leader Onboarding Checklist