Way of Sales – Enablement and People

Your sales teams may not have the capabilities to execute your strategy.

The best sales process in the world won’t work if your salespeople don’t have the capabilities and support to deploy it effectively. More than $800 billion annually is spent in the U.S. on sales force compensation, training, and technology. Yet few businesses feel their sales training programs are effective.

Sales training programs that take your salespeople out of the field for motivational speeches and academic, off-the-shelf programs only frustrate salespeople. They fail to deliver lasting results. You need a targeted approach that provides salespeople with:

  • Clear understanding of how this will help them beat their sales number
  • Customized content and tools that are highly tailored
  • Safe environments in which to test, learn, and develop new capabilities
  • Opportunities for feedback and coaching
  • Supportive tools and technologies that help them stay on track
  • Accountability to managers for adoption and results

While many training and enablement programs rely on templates and standardized skills training, we take the time to understand the demands that your sellers experience in the field on a daily basis. We identify skills gaps and design programs that are rooted in the uniqueness of your selling environment, the individuality of your salespeople, and the variable needs of your team based on skills and experience level.

Our highly experienced training facilitators are well-known experts and authors in the field. Our training is experiential, interactive, and effective. We pair training with customized enablement, a blended learning model, and support that helps your salespeople achieve demonstrably higher levels of performance on an ongoing basis.

Enablement & People

As much as the Internet and technology have reshaped sales and the balance of power (based on information) between buyers and sellers, many solution-based and complex sales still require a personal connection. Even the best sales strategy, process, and tools are useless if your sales teams do not have the appropriate level of knowledge and skills. Start by identifying gaps in seller skills and capabilities against your strategy and process, then design highly relevant, engaging, hands-on training that fills those gaps for both new and experienced sellers.

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