Sales Force Transformation Approach

75 percent of sales transformations fail.

According to a McKinsey study, 75 percent of companies that attempted to transform to a solution selling approach failed to achieve a meaningful ROI. The potential rewards are significant, but the road to success is paved with failures. Often, the root of the failure is that salespeople are reluctant to change, even when the need to change appears obvious. Welcome to the transformation dilemma.

How We Do It

We define sales force transformation as a holistic and multidimensional program, one that touches on every part of the organization, not just sales, and that fundamentally changes the way a sales force sells. Typically, these transformations take more than a year and require a significant investment of time, money, and other resources.


Our proven sales transformation approach starts by defining the drivers, vision, and business case for your transformation. We identify the support needed from other internal functions, and build a roadmap that outlines your Way of Sales and the path to affect and sustain real, meaningful, and measurable change.


Learn more about the seven steps of a successful sales force transformation by exploring our video series below.

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation
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7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation

Determine if your sales organization needs a transformation and if so, how to assess your sales organization’s readiness through the analysis of six ‘levers’ of successful sales transformations.

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation
Identify Your Most Pressing Sales Challenges

Answer 20 questions in our quick Sales Force Transformation Diagnostic Tool to determine whether your sales force needs a tweak or a transformation and to find where your biggest improvement opportunities lie.

Sales Force Transformation Diagnostic