Outdated Sales Skills

Fact: One inspirational keynote plus an off-the-shelf training program won’t yield the results you need.

According to Harvard Business Review, companies spent $800B on sales force compensation and another $15B on sales training in 2015. If you add in another $15B investment in CRM according to Gartner, companies spent $830B on people, people development, and enabling technologies. That is roughly 5% of total U.S. Gross Domestic Product, a staggering amount of money invested to deliver revenue growth.

Yet despite these huge investments, few companies get the results they want. Most continue to experience:

  • Variance in selling skills across sales teams
  • Inconsistent results
  • Poor quota attainment

Fewer than half of all sales professionals in the U.S. achieve their quotas consistently. These problems are amplified by major business events such as new solutions, changing business models, and mergers and acquisitions, which often highlight skill gaps across your sales team.

The Systematic Approach

Rather than throwing money at off-the-shelf training and an inspirational keynote, effective sales organizations take a systematic approach to transforming their sales teams. Such an approach begins with a defined and documented sales strategy, a consistent sales process, and a clear understanding of the skills and capabilities your teams needs in order to execute in your unique selling environment(s).


To achieve this approach, you need sales effectiveness experts who partner with you and your teams to:

  • Quickly become situationally fluent
  • Identify and assess the unique challenges that your salespeople face in the field
  • Identify critical skills gaps
  • Define the underlying skills your sales team needs to succeed
  • Understand the conversations they’re having in each segment, sales situation, and stage of the sales process
Tailored Training

Our team has developed and deployed sales skills training to tens of thousands of sales professionals globally. We develop programs with you, not for you. The result is programs that are:

  • Highly relevant and tailored to the specific company, industry, roles, and selling model(s)
  • Jointly owned with our clients
  • Deliver results that keep salespeople motivated
  • Connected to ongoing reinforcement, measurement and coaching

We have significant experience developing and deploying custom sales process, skills, and leadership programs that make it easy and rewarding for salespeople and sales leaders to implement. High user adoption and fast results mean our clients come back to us again and again when they need to upskill their sales teams.


Learn more about adapting your sales organization to the new B2B sales reality here.

Overcome generational challenges within your sales organization

Our tailored workshops help sellers and sales managers explore the impact that generational diversity can have internally among colleagues and externally with clients, helping them more successfully engage and build trust and value for those you seek to serve.

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