Ineffective Sales Model

Poorly aligned sales teams limit the value of your business.

In the past three years, businesses in the U.S. have undergone more than $2.1T in M&A transactions. When two companies come together, the results can be awesome or they can be awful, especially when cultures, processes, systems, and training don’t match. As a result, many of our clients find themselves with misaligned or disparate sales teams that limit the value of the combination.

Negative Impacts

Ineffective sales models lead to multiple negative impacts, including:

  • Multiple salespeople calling on the same customer
  • Poor customer experience
  • Excessive cost of sales
  • Overlapping or unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Missed sales and margin goals

The good news is that closing those alignment gaps can create significant competitive advantage. Sales resource optimization (SRO) is the process by which companies align, size, and enable their sales organizations to resolve these issues and to maximize their impact on the top and bottom lines.

The 4Cs for Sales Resource Optimization

We start with the premise that you don’t have unlimited dollars to spend on sales, and as leaders within your business, you have a fiduciary responsibility to spend those dollars wisely. We take a pragmatic approach that answers key questions aimed at aligning Customers, Sales Coverage, Sales Capacity, and Sales Capability – collectively called the 4C’s. These questions include:

sales team

1. Customer: Are your sales resources aligned against the highest potential market and customers?

sales resource optimization

2. Coverage: How do you optimize account coverage against prioritized markets and customers?

sales coverage

3. Capacity: How many resources do you need, by market segment and across the customer lifecycle?

sales model

4. Capability: Does your team have the right mix of skills and capabilities to sell and deliver on our value proposition?

The ultimate goal is to align your coverage plan, capacity to deliver, and capability to differentiate with customers who have the highest propensity for growth. The most forward-thinking companies are not just viewing SRO and go-to-market strategy as tools to reduce costs, but also as an opportunity to accelerate revenue growth while maintaining or expanding profitability.

Learn more about the 4Cs and how they can take your organization to the next level with our Guide to Sales Resource Optimization.

Your Guide to Sales Resource Optimization

Learn how to align, size, and enable your sales organization using practical and thorough approaches and analyses.

Sales Resources Optimization Guide