Realigning the Sales Organization to Drive Greater Growth

Hospitality | Sales Strategy | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a leader in the hospitality industry serving the mid-priced extended stay segment. To increase sales production…

Driving Go-to-Market Synergies across Strategic Acquisitions

Financial Services | Go-to-Market Strategy | Sales Force Organization | Sales Strategy

Our client is a ~$10B global specialized insurance and related services provider that sells across financial services…

Transforming Sales in a Global Investment Management Firm

Financial Services | Sales Strategy | Sales & Marketing Integration | Sales Leadership | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a global investment management firm dedicated to helping their clients achieve long-term success.

Giving Strategic Accounts the Focus They Need to be Profitable

High Tech | Financial Services | Sales Strategy | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a $2.5B global software and IT company that provides services to institutions across virtually every segment of the financial services industry.

Optimizing a Global Hospitality Company’s Sales Organization

Hospitality | Sales Strategy

Our client franchises more than five thousand hotels, representing in excess of 500,000 rooms in the United States and 20+ other countries and territories.

Uncovering Multi-Million Sales Dollar Opportunities during Post-Merger Integration

IT Services and Telecom | Sales Force Organization

Looking to quickly drive sales growth in the wake of a strategic acquisition, our client’s sales leadership sought to integrate two sales forces and position them to win high-impact deals.

Science, not Art: Defining a Sustainable Sales Strategy through Analysis

High Tech (Hardware/Software) | Sales Strategy

Using resource analysis, Symmetrics Group identified opportunities and costs hidden in the client’s sales organization, forming the basis for long-term strategic planning.

Using Customer Insights to Drive Value

Technology & Professional Services | Sales Strategy

Our client wanted to change the nature of its client interactions from product-centric to insights-based, thus elevating its value to customers and becoming a trusted adviser.

Re-Energizing the Sales Strategy at a Century-Old Company

CPG | Sales Strategy

In an effort to bring their products to market more efficiently, this company sought the help of Symmetrics Group to evaluate their sales strategy and recommend a go-forward plan.

Boosting ROI in a Time of Uncertainty

High-Tech | Sales Strategy

This leading global provider of communications network technologies sought higher returns, but didn’t know where to begin. A thorough assessment of their sales force showed leadership where to make strategic changes to get on the right path.

Helping a Non-Profit Chart a New Course in the Market

Non-Profit Financial Services | Sales Force Capability

Experiencing declining income, our client realized they needed to change their go-to-market approach, which included offering new products and services via a new sales force

Redesigning a European Sales Strategy and Territory Plan

Hospitality | Sales Force Capability

Our client sought to improve the coverage and efficiency of its sales territory plan in order to optimize the company’s account portfolio.

Transforming from a Portfolio of Companies to a Portfolio of Brands

CPG | Sales Strategy

Our client launched an effort to integrate its siloed organization into one streamlined operation, including consolidating five separate sales and marketing teams.