Developing Sales Leadership and Coaching Acumen to Drive Greater Scale and Deliver Growth

Industrial Services | Sales Leadership | Sales Force Capability

Our client is one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America with over 500 locations nationwide.

Consistent Opportunity Planning Yields Higher Close Rate

Industrial Services | Sales Leadership | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a national provider of power (power, gas, distributed generation, CNG and energy solutions) and is a significant player in all deregulated energy states…

Creating Value Beyond Price within a Commodity-Based Business

Industrial Services | Sales Force Capability | Sales Leadership

Our client is both a regulated natural gas utility and a dynamic participant in all un-regulated competitive energy markets. Utility operations include the…

Developing Regional Sales Directors to Improve Overall Team Effectiveness

High Tech | Sales Force Capability | Sales Leadership

Our client is an IT services company based in the US with a global footprint, selling IT managed services, hosting, data center services, and IT consulting.

Transforming Sales in a Global Investment Management Firm

Financial Services | Sales Strategy | Sales & Marketing Integration | Sales Leadership | Sales Force Capability

Our client is a global investment management firm dedicated to helping their clients achieve long-term success.

Sales Planning & Analytics for an International Hospitality Client

Hospitality | Sales Management

Our client added a sales planning function within Global Sales to their organizational structure and sales strategy.

Standardizing the Sales Funnel Process across 50+ Operating Companies

 Industrial Equipment | Funnel Management

An $18 billion global manufacturer sought a best-in-class, consistent approach to funnel management.

Structuring a Critical New Sales Role for Success from Day One

Hospitality | Sales Planning

Symmetrics Group defined and created a new Sales Planning role that helped the client make more data-driven, performance-oriented decisions.

Expanding Sales Managers’ Coaching Skill Set

Financial Software | Sales Coaching

Our client’s first-level sales managers needed guidance in coaching their front-line sales teams in order to transform to a world-class sales organization.

Implementing Consistent Sales Execution Best Practices

Information Technology | Sales Leadership

Our client, a global IP network and hosting provider, wanted to implement consistent best practices throughout its sales organization. The result was more effective sales execution, coaching and forecasting.

Sprouting New Sales Growth

CPG | Sales Leadership & Sales Force Capability

Our client’s sales team needed to transform their customer relationships from “What would you like to buy?” to “Here’s how we can help you grow.”