A sales transformation requires a focus on all three areas: sales strategy, capabilities, and leadership.

Sales leadership equips first level sales managers and executives to model, coach, and reinforce the sales capabilities. Sales managers are often promoted based on their individual ability to sell and have never developed their ability to motivate, coach, and lead others.

We take companies through a process that allows us to increase the effectiveness of your company leaders. Here are some of the questions and areas we explore together to get there:

  • How do we develop our first line sales managers?
  • Can our managers effectively model and coach desired selling behaviors?
  • How can we improve the management of our sales teams?
  • How should we inspect what we expect?
Driver Components Focus Areas
  • Sales Management Processes
  • Coaching Tools and Skills
  • Develop sales management processes to run the business of sales (e.g., pipeline, forecast, win/loss, etc.)
  • Build coaching competencies and supporting tools
  • Provide sales managers with the capability to assess individual needs and skill gaps, and tailor their coaching and development to the individual

  • Performance Planning
  • Metrics Management
  • Dashboards
  • Integrate sales performance planning and measurement with overall HR policies
  • Equip sales managers with the information and tools to more effectively manage and develop their teams
  • Leverage SFA/CRM systems to build sales management dashboards