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Do your sellers more often enter the sales cycle after the prospect has defined their problem, researched solutions and/or chosen vendors to evaluate?

Does your organization have a rigorous, linear sales methodology in place? (Regardless of whether your sellers adhere to it or not.)

In addition to quota achievement, do your sales managers primarily inspect seller compliance with your sales methodology as a way to evaluate performance?

Do your hunters fail to consistently and successfully prospect using social media?

Are your sellers more comfortable building relationships with mid-level managers than executives at the SVP level and above?

Are your sellers more comfortable selling to individuals than to a buying committee that requires consensus before they will make a decision?

Do your sellers spend insufficient time understanding the prospect’s organizational politics or buyer thinking styles or the motivations/desires of its top executives?

Are your sellers more comfortable selling based on solution benefits alone instead of using specific, relevant insights to create a preference for your recommendations?

Does your sales or marketing organization struggle to develop meaningful customer, competitor or industry insights that can be used to increase the probability of a win?

Are your sellers more comfortable expressing how your solution benefits the prospect’s end user or consumer rather than how it benefits the CEO and his business strategy?


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