A sales transformation requires a focus on all three areas: sales strategy, capabilities, and leadership.

Sales force capabilities
 provide the link between strategy and execution. These include sales processes, skills, and tools to enable the sales team along with sales compensation to align with the right selling behaviors and recruiting profiles to build out the team. Often, sales capabilities need to be strengthened based on changes to sales strategies or to raise the level of competitiveness.

We take companies through a process that allows us to help strengthen your sales capabilities.  Some of the questions and areas we explore are:

  • How do we develop a common language and approach to sales?
  • How can we better align Marketing and Sales?
  • Do we have the right sales skills?
  • Do we have the right sales tools and enabling technologies?
  • Are we rewarding the right sales behaviors and results?
  • How can we attract and develop the right team?
Driver Components Focus Areas

  • Sales Process Design
  • Account and Opportunity Management
  • Process Integration
  • Design sales process(es) and a common language of sales across the business
  • Build account and opportunity management processes and tools that align with the sales process and strategy
  • Integrate with other business processes (e.g., pipeline management, forecasting, win/loss analysis, etc.)
  • Sales Skills Assessment •Sales Curriculum Development
  • Custom Program Development and/or Vendor Selection
  • Implementation Plan & Rollout
  • Determine the core skill and knowledge needs of the sales organization
  • Build a curriculum to develop short- and long-term skills and knowledge
  • Develop training programs and/or select programs from third party vendors
  • Build an implementation plan specific to the company’s needs (e.g., budget, time, etc.)
  • Sales Tools
  • Marketing Alignment
  • Sales Technologies
  • Determine sales tools necessary to enable successful execution of the sales process
  • Build marketing capability required to deliver sales-ready value propositions, materials, and collateral
  • Design, select and implement technologies that enable the sales team and process
  • Sales Goals
  • Individual Quota Setting
  • Sales Compensation Plan Design
  • Develop sales goals and quotas that balance overall targets with the potential in individual sales territories
  • Design compensation plans that link rewards to company results and priorities
  • Recruiting Profiles
  • Behavioral and Situational Interview Guides
  • Onboarding Programs
  • Design onboarding programs for new sales hires that are experiential and allow sales reps to practice both the external sales discussion/presentation along with internal procedures (e.g., configuring, ordering, etc.)
  • Build recruiting profiles that connect to the key characteristics of sales success within your organization
  • Equip sales managers with behavioral interview guides to probe past sales experience and assess fit