Michael Perla

Michael specializes in providing actionable insights to marketing and sales organizations to help them increase pipelines, win ratios, and productivity. He has helped sell and lead sales force improvement projects with the Global 50 to Fortune 1000 companies including: Hewlett Packard, IBM, Danaher, Ingersoll Rand, Honeywell, and Assurant, among many others.

Michael led a $3.5M sales effectiveness program that resulted in increases in pipeline size (>3x quota) and win ratios (12% improvement), while helping to define a management cadence that the sales organization executed to effectively run the business. Michael led two other projects, in separate industries, in which the Global Sales organization re-focused their Go-to-Market strategies to target higher-potential segments, while increasing productivity and pruning low-potential, high cost markets or segments. In one case, the overall cost-of-sales mix improved by 100+ basis points, while allowing for better resource allocation and alignment to the new strategy.

Combining the analytical rigor of a financial analyst with the holistic skills of a business strategist, Michael helps the Symmetrics Group team improve marketing or sales performance and cull out and craft actionable insights and recommendations.

Focus Areas:

  • Sales Transformation
  • Sales / Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Sales Resource Optimization
  • Sales Process & Methodology
  • Sales Enablement and Technology

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Michael Perla

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

-Bruce Lee