Standing Up a Sales Planning Function in Hospitality

Business Challenge

Symmetrics Group’s hospitality client was growing via its array of comfortable, reasonably-priced hotels and 11 brands. Global Sales was having challenges around measuring performance across a wide array of data sources, cross-functional input, and teams. A single group was needed to drill down and manage “the numbers” for Global Sales, including the development of annual room night and revenue goals. Global Sales also wanted to better leverage some analytical sources to sell in a more data and value-driven way.

Standing up a sales planning function

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group recommended a new global sales organization structure and an approach to managing the business of sales:

Sales Planning: As part of org structure changes, we stood up a new Sales Planning role by outlining key strategies, processes, enabling tools, and reports. We helped to manage a cross-functional team that implemented the standing-up of the function. This included working closely with SVP of Distribution and VP of Sales in outlining the key responsibilities of the role and requisite outputs. We then assisted in interviewing, evaluating, and short-listing candidates for the Sales Planning leader position.

Sales Management: We coordinated and led the initial sales management cadence events that included the VP of Sales and the various sellers and teams.


Through the client and Symmetrics Group’s joint efforts, the Sales Planning role was structured for success from day one, with a clear set of parameters for the permanent leader. Global sales leaders now had better performance reports and new insights into business travel patterns. The work sparked other projects around enabling technology, which included a new director of sales enablement and technology that worked under the direction of the new Sales Planning leader.


Our client franchises more than five thousand hotels, representing in excess of 500,000 rooms in the United States and 20+ other countries and territories. The client needed a way to regularly identify and analyze the right metrics that would lead to better-informed strategic decisions. Symmetrics Group helped define and structure a new leadership role that would lead this data-driven approach.


Michael Perla – Michael is a principal with Symmetrics Group and co-author of the book 7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation. Michael has helped spearhead our firm’s thinking on sales structure and resource optimization.

Michael Perla
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