Sales Planning and Analytics for an International Hospitality Client

Business Challenge

The Global Sales organization recognized the need for a sales planning function to take a more data-driven and analytical approach to leverage assets across the business (e.g., business intelligence, program management, IT, etc.) in one group. The VP of Sales was receiving data from too many groups/functions and there was no one group that could synthesize it for Global Sales. The client also needed more justification and analytics around account assignments, targeting, and planning, among other business planning areas.

Sales planning and analytics

Symmetrics Group Approach

Symmetrics Group helped to ‘stand-up’ the sales planning function for Global Sales by creating processes, managing a team that included a Director, managers and analysts, and helping to develop annual targets, plans, and goals.

As part of his new function we defined sales reporting/analytics, sales technologies and enablement, marketing, and business planning requirements and processes.

The function is the main interface for Global Sales performance and optimization, and the role is part of the department’s leadership team. We helped to onboard the new VP of Sales and Sr. Director of Strategic Accounts. In addition, when the Sales Planning leader role was filled, Symmetrics Group successfully transferred the capabilities to the client.


Our client’s corporate segment – a key focus in 2014 – was up over 7% through May as compared to the previous year. Other segments are also up this year and have delivered more incremental room nights through May 2014 than they did in all of last year. A key sales planning focus has been on helping to drive certain business-oriented segments. Qualitatively, the SVP of Distribution was very pleased with the work to date, and the engagement lasted 5 months longer than originally planned given the value delivered.


Our client franchises more than five thousand hotels in the United States and over 20 other countries and territories, representing hundreds of thousands of rooms across the globe. As part of previous work that Symmetrics Group did around organizational structure and sales strategy, a sales planning function was recommended as a new area within their Global Sales function.


Michael Perla – Michael is a principal at Symmetrics Group and co-author of the book 7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation. He applied his expertise around sales structure and performance management to this particular engagement.

Michael Perla
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