If It’s on the Internet, It Must Be True, Right?


July 7, 2014

Sellers are constantly looking for an edge to sell more, faster. But we tend to have short attention spans and want information quickly and in an easy-to-digest format. No time for fluff. Just give me the highlights. That’s what makes the Internet dangerous for sellers. Ten years ago, sellers who were looking for advice on Read More >

Do You Want a Relationship?


July 5, 2014

When someone is trying to sell me something, I often ask myself a key question: Does this person want a long-term business relationship with me? If they don’t, they are likely to do anything to sell me – bait-and-switch, a strong hard-sell, using the scarcity principle (e.g., if you don’t buy today, we won’t have Read More >

The Levers of Sales Transformation


June 30, 2014

Michael Perla and I have been researching sales transformations for an upcoming book – what works, what doesn’t, lessons learned, surprises – based on our firm’s consulting experience and through primary research (surveys and interviews) of more than 100 leading sales organizations. One of our observations so far is that there are several “levers” that Read More >

Michael Merlin: Four Non-Sales Best Practices that Add Value to Sales


June 30, 2014

Selling | Sales Strategy Michael is a Managing Director with the Atlanta-based Hansberger & Merlin at Morgan Stanley, the largest discretionary manager of assets within Morgan Stanley and among the top 10 wealth management teams within the firm.

Does a Kickoff Matter?


June 27, 2014

Another plane ride filled with random thoughts, and on this flight home I started thinking about football! No surprise, given we are in the middle of the greatest football event on the planet, the World Cup, but it is the currently idle and completely off the radar American version I am thinking about tonight. How Read More >